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Marie (#253652) (1943-1960), 40.1-foot vessel under charter to the Raytheon Corporation for defense-related research which disappeared on June 9, 1960 while crossing the Santa Barbara Channel en route to Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz Island. The Coast Guard recovered four bodies of the seven people on board. The dead:

  • Dr. Niel Freeborn Beardsley, 68, Raytheon staff scientist and reputed “father of infrared” technology

  • Loren Dale Howell, 32, a Santa Barbara High graduate

  • Paul T. Lovette, 37, a guest

  • Harold H. Mackie Jr., Raytheon engineer and Santa Barbara High graduate

  • Jim McCaffrey, 30, captain of the Marie

  • James Russell, 32, Raytheon engineer

  • Jim Terres Jr., 29, Raytheon engineer and Santa Barbara High graduate

In the News~

November 6, 1969 [SBNP]: “Wreckage of boat found off island. Wreckage believed with virtual certainty to be that of the Marie, the boat chartered by the Raytheon Co. that sank with the loss of seven lives in 1960, was brought to shore today by an abalone diver. Robert McMillan discovered portions of the ill-fated craft in 55 feet of water. He said he was diving 2-1/2 miles from the shoreward side of Santa Cruz Island and about ‘1-1/2 miles east of the big cave.’ McMillan said an explosion had undoubtedly caused the tragedy that claimed the lives of a scientific team that had undertaken a secret scientific undersea experiment June 9, 1960. Although McMillan, the diver, has worked for Pierce Fisheries for 12 years, he was not aware that he had apparently unlocked a mystery of the sea until he radioed to Dick Pierce late this morning that he was coming ashore.”