Marin () (fl. 1850s)

In December 1857, Charles Melville Scammon, in the brig Boston, accompanied by the schooner-tender Marin, under [Captain] Lefft, first entered Laguna Ojo de Liebre to hunt the gray whales breeding there.

They caught twenty. Scammon returned to the lagoon the next winter (1858–59), this time with the bark Ocean Bird and the schooner-tenders A.M. Simpson and Kate, under Easton and Hale. He caught forty-seven cows, which produced 1,700 barrels (270 m3) of oil. He was accompanied by six other vessels (five barks and one schooner), which obtained an additional 5,300 barrels (840 m3) of oil (about 150 whales).

A high of eleven vessels visited the lagoon in the winter of 1859-60, but they obtained considerably less oil—4,970 barrels (790 m3) (c. 140 whales). Eight vessels (all sent by U.S. merchants, except one: the Russian brig Constantine, under Otto Wilhelm Lindholm, the next season got even less: a little over 3,300 barrels (520 m3) from about 90 whales.

Only a few ships visited the lagoon the following three seasons—in the first season they obtained 1,900 barrels (300 m3); the second 1,200 barrels (190 m3); and in the third only about 250 barrels (40 m3). When the bark Louisa visited the lagoon in the winter of 1872-73 she only obtained 70 barrels (11 m3) of oil. It was abandoned after that.