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Marjorie Mae (#) (-1949)

In the News~

July 31, 1949 [LAT]: Husband lost, woman rescued from rocks. A 53-year-old woman, rescued from a pinnacle off San Clemente Island, yesterday told her story of a shipwreck that left her clinging to jagged rocks for more than 18 hours after she saw her husband disappear in heavy seas along with the fishing craft. The survivor is Mrs. Mae Homer of 746 S. Lake St. She was rescued by men of the Coast Guard gutter Morris. When taken from her perch at noon Friday, she was semiconscious. Her shoes were gone and her clothes torn. Later, in giving her account of the accident, she revealed the heroism of her husband, Theodore, 56, who helped her to the pinnacle and failed to pull himself to safety. The homers had been fishing near San Clemente for three weeks, and Thursday they were attempting to return to Pyramid Cove from Catalina. "It got dark rapidly," Mrs. Homer said, "and we missed the entrance to the cove. Then we struck the rock. My husband fired a gun to attract help, but no help came. The swells were awful. "He told me 'This is it!' Then he helped me out on the rocks, and I scrambled through the waves to a pinnacle. "He went to the bow and asked whether I was safe. I told him I was on the rocks and for him to follow me. That was the last I saw of him. He had a life preserver." Lt. (j.g.) R. G. Schwing of the Coast Guard cutter said that the 28-foot vessel, the Marjorie Mae, hit rocks near the east end of the island and sank in an angry sea. In view of the heavy swells, he called Mrs. Homer's escape "miraculous." "I clung to the rocks all night," said Mrs. Homer. "Waves rolled me off two or three times. I crawled further up and went to sleep. Later I tried crying for help."