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May Bee (#) (-1950)

In the News~

May 4, 1950: [LBI]: “Three fishermen arrived uninjured last night aboard a Coast Guard patrol boat at San Pedro after their 36-foot fishing boat, the May Bee, sank yesterday afternoon on the rocks at San Clemente Island. Aboard the sunken May Bee were Robert Agoado, master; crewmen George Fau and Charles Vallee. Guardsmen said the boat broke its moorings in Wilson's Cove and was pounded to pieces on the rocks by the high winds. The crewmen, all from San Pedro, escaped through the surf. The patrol boat, commanded by Chief Bosn's Mate Sam Antakol, picked up the trio of men after receiving a radio message from the Sea Gypsy.”

May 4, 1950: [LAT]: “Fishing Boat Crew Rescued by Coast Guard. A crew of three was rescued by the Coast Guard yesterday afternoon when the 36-foot fishing boat, May Bee, broke up on the rocks near Wilson Cove on San Clemente Island. Robert Agaodo, 908 S. Mesa St., San Pedro, told Coastguardsmen who came to the rescue that the craft had broken her mooring line and had been dashed against the rocks. Others taken from the battered boat were George Fau, 249 6th St., San Pedro, and Charles Callee, 265 8th St., San Pedro.”