McCLATCHIE, Alfred James

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Alfred McClatchie 1861-1906)
Woodlawn Memorial Park, Compton, CA

McCLATCHIE, Alfred James (1861-1906) was an American agriculturalist and horticulturalist with a special interest in the plants and fungi in and around Pasadena, California.

Alfred J. McClatchie (1861-1906) = Anna D. Morrison (1860-1941)

  • 1. Stanley McClatchie (1894-1964)
  • 2. Dorothy McClatchie (1899-1899)

McClatchie and his wife, Anna collected on:

  • SANTA CATALINA ISLAND (1893, 1894)

  • McClatchie, Alfred Flora of Pasadena and vicinity (1895)
  • McClatchie, Alfred Eucalyptus Cultivated in the United States (1902)