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McLENNAN, Donald (b. 19 ) began sailing in San Diego in 1983. Since 1998 he has been an active cruiser and racer, sailing multiple times down the Baja California peninsula. In 2010 McLennan bought a Tartan 3500 sailboat with San Pedro as home port. He is a member of the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club and Corsair Yacht Club, and has published several articles in Sail Magazine.

Donald McLennan became Member #98 of the All 8+ Club of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation in 2006. In addition to the eight California Channel Islands, he has visited the following island, in bold, on the Club's expanded list of Alta and Baja California islands:


  • Rincon Island (man-made Channel Island)
  • Farallones
  • Año Nuevo
  • Islas Coronado
  • Islas Todos Santos
  • Isla San Martin
  • Isla San Geronimo
  • Isla Guadalupe
  • Islas San Benito
  • Isla Cedros
  • Isla Natividad
  • Isla Asuncion