Middle Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island

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Middle Ground, Santa Cruz Island is an open anchorage to the west of Yellow Banks Anchorage on the island’s south side. It is located between Cañada del Aguaje to the east, and Cardiac Canyon to the west. This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet D topographic map.

In the News~

December 28, 1920 [SBMP]: “Tragedy followed close upon the festivity with which a little fishing colony on Santa Cruz Island greeted Christmas, according to the story brought to the mainland yesterday by a fishing boat commanded by John Albertson. The little craft also brought the body of Anileta Reyes, 40 years old, whom the story chiefly concerned. It was transferred to the undertaking establishment of L. E. Gagnier, where an inquest has been set for today. According to the report made to A. M. Ruiz, county coroner, by Captain Albertson, Miss Reyes and Captain Carl Erickson, in whose fishing camp the woman was employed as cook, passed Christmas eve at a neighboring camp and returned to Erickson’s camp together in a rowboat. Captain Albertson said Captain Erickson told him he did not observe the movements of the woman after his return to camp, but upon awakening the next morning missed her. The rowboat also was missing from its accustomed place. Later in the day the boat was found jammed against a rock on the shore of the island. The search for the woman continued all Christmas day and yesterday when her body was found in the kelp by Captain Albertson, according to his report to the coroner. The tragedy occurred near what is known as the Middle Ground. It was assumed, the coroner was told, that the woman had put out in the boat after leaving Captain Erickson, but where she intended going or whether she fell out of the boat or was capsized could not be learned. Funeral services have been set for 2 P.M. today at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows. Interment will be beside the body of a sister of Miss Reyes in Calvary Cemetery.”