Midnight Star

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Midnight Star (#) (-2011)

In the News~

August 31, 2011 [LAT]: “Six people were rescued by a Good Samaritan on Tuesday night when their 61-foot fishing boat sank a mile off Catalina Island. U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Trent Kelly said a distress call was received about 9:45 p.m. from the Midnight Hour. Six people on board reportedly climbed into a skiff and abandoned the boat as it was sinking, Kelly said. The Coast Guard cutter Narwahl was sent to the scene but was diverted after another boat in the area, the San Pedro Pride, notified officials that it would rescue the six people and take them back to land, Kelly said. There were no reports of injuries, he said. The Midnight Star sank in 90 feet of water near Eagle Rock, which is on the east end of Catalina Island, Kelly said. On Wednesday morning a Coast Guard helicopter was sent to the scene to monitor the situation and spotted a very light sheen of oil drifting away from the island. "Based on the observation it is estimated that 90% of the sheen will dissipate between eight to 10 hours," Kelly said. It was not known what caused the boat to sink, he said, adding that the incident was still under investigation.”