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Minna (#) (-1897)

In the News~

December 25, 1897 [LAT/SP]: “The Wilmington Transportation power yacht La Paloma, Captain Smith, arrived from San Clemente Island this morning. She had on board the crew of the schooner Minnie [Minna], which was wrecked last week. The Minnie, a small schooner of twenty-seven tons, Captain William Gerald in command, belongs in San Diego. She left that port some three weeks ago with a crew of one seaman and a cook. On the morning of Saturday, December 18, a squall was encountered and the Minnie was overturned. Fortunately as small skiff was being towed at the stern of the vessel. The captain and the crew swam the heavy sea to the boat and with the greatest difficulty freed it from the schooner. They had scarcely got into it when the Minnie went down. She was about thirteen miles east-southeast of San Clemente Island at the time, to which the shipwrecked crew pulled their way. They reached the island in such an exhausted condition that they could not pull the skiff ashore, so they left it in the shallow water on the beach. After resting a few hours the men walked about the island until they came upon some Mexican sheepherders who fed them. They learned that they had walked fourteen miles from the east end of the island. They went from there to Gallagher’s place, a distance of seven miles, on horses that the Mexicans had lent them. They remained there for four days and as good fortune would have it, La Paloma put in to Gallagher’s landing and they were brought here in that yacht. The men were barefooted, and their feet were full of cuts and bruises from the long walk over the island. They left here today for San Diego on the steamer Alexander Duncan.”

December 26, 1897 [LAH]: “San Diego, Cal., Dec. 25.—Skipper William Gerull has lost his little schooner Minna. He arrived today on the steamer Alex Duncan and reports that a week ago the Minna capsized in a squall and Gerull and his cook saved themselves by swimming to San Clemente Island. There they were cared for by sheep herders several days until they were taken to San Pedro on the Banning Bros. launch Paloma and thence to this city on the Duncan. The Minna was a tub-shaped craft of about twenty tons.”

January 1, 1898 [LAT/SD]: “Skipper Gerull of this city, who lost the schooner Minna a week or more ago just off San Clemente Island by being capsized, left here a day or two ago in the schooner Lura, to search the high seas for his lost Minna…”

January 1, 1898 [LAH]: “Captain William Gerrull, whose schooner Minna was wrecked off San Clemente Island recently, left port a few days ago with the schooner Lena in the hope of finding something of value from his boat. He returned last night having in tow the sloop Ranger of San Pedro, which went adrift off St. Nicholas [San Nicolas] Island on Dec. 9, and whose crew was brought here on the British ship Roby. The Ranger was found by Gerrull about 3 miles offshore drifting leisurely towards the tropics. The Ranger is a little battered, but Skipper Gerrull expects several hundred dollars as a reward for his prize.”