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Also killed were:
Also killed were:
* <span style="color:#006400">'''STEARNS, Dale J.'''</span> (c. 1925-1951)
* <span style="color:#006400">'''STEARNS, Dale J.'''</span> (1925-1951)
* <span style="color:#006400">'''CAIN, Vern D.'''</span> (c. 1928-1951)
* <span style="color:#006400">'''CAIN, Vern D.'''</span> (1928-1951)
* <span style="color:#006400">'''CHANEY, Charles T.'''</span> (c. 1923-1951)
* <span style="color:#006400">'''CHANEY, Charles T.'''</span> (c. 1923-1951)

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Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Francisco


Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Francisco


NASH, Robert H. (c. 1919-1951), was killed August 28, 1951, along with three others, when their plane crashed on Santa Catalina Island. He was 32 years old and a Lieutenant Commander based out of the Oakland Naval Air Station.

Also killed were:

  • STEARNS, Dale J. (1925-1951)
  • CAIN, Vern D. (1928-1951)
  • CHANEY, Charles T. (c. 1923-1951)

In the News~

August 30, 1951 [Oakland Tribune]: “Lost bombers found; 4 died in Catalina crash. The Navy continued a search today for the body of a flier missing from two bombing planes which crashed on Catalina Island yesterday. The bodies of three others were found in the wreckage. The men, all from the Oakland area, were members of the Anti-Submarine Squadron VS-871, recalled to active duty last May 1 at the Oakland Naval Air Station. They are: Lieut. Comdr. Robert H. Nash, 32, formerly of 1528 Florida Street, Richmond, squadron executive officer; Lieut (jg) Dale J. Stearns, 26, of Dixon, Solano County; Aviation Technician Vern D. Cain, 23, of 995 Medford Avenue, Hayward; Aviation Mechanic Charles T. Chaney, 28, of 1081 47th Street, Emeryville. The name of the missing man was not immediately disclosed as 11 Naval District shore parties probed the wreckage of the two torpedo bombers a mile apart in the rocky hills of the resort island.

Commander Nash, decorated during the war for torpedoing a Japanese destroyer, moved his wife, Marion, and three children, Robert, 4, Angie, 2 and Jill, 5 months, to Long Beach when the squadron was transferred from here to the Los Alamitos Naval Air Station. Lieutenant Stearn's wife, Betty, also is at the Long Beach. They had married only a few weeks ago. Mrs. Ann Cain, who remained at her Hayward home with their children, Nancy, 1, and Robert, 6 months, is the daughter of former Hayward Councilman Jack Holland. Mrs. Mary Chaney is staying with friends at 15291 Dover Street, San Lorenzo.

Wreckage of the TBM's was sighted shortly before dark yesterday by a Coast Guard plane, one of more than 200 planes which conducted a "close parallel search" of the coastline from the Bay area southward. Like the crashed planes, most of the searchers had been part of a mass evacuation of southern bases Tuesday in the face of an advancing storm front. About 100 planes had landed at the Alameda Naval Air Station; the others, including four squadron mates of the downed ships, had flown to Moffett Field.”