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NIVEN, David (1910-1983), English actor, wrote two autobiographies: The Moon’s A Balloon (1971), and Bring on the Empty Horses (1975), a compilation of stories about his famous friends. Niven had paid several visits to Ira Eaton's camp at Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island, and in his second book he recounts unflattering stories about Eaton's daughter, Vera, without mentioning her name. Vera Eaton threatened to sue Putnam’s, Niven’s American publisher, for libel. Putnam’s chose to pay Vera an out-of-court settlement for $6000. Half the sum was deducted from Niven’s next royalty payment, and he allegedly left Putnam’s over the incident, because they did not give him a chance to fight the case.

  • Niven, David. Bring on the Empty Horses New York: Putnam's, (1975)
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