Nigger Boy

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Nigger Boy (#) (-1933)

In the News~

May 9, 1926 [LAT]: “United States Judge James yesterday hastily disposed of three prohibition cases by the expedient of fines, and on top of it ordered the famous Long Beach rum ship, Nigger Boy, sold at auction today at berth 132, Wilmington… The Nigger Boy will be sold by Marshal Al Sittel for the part it played in a sensational rum-running expedition off the south coast which later involved several Long Beach businessmen, including Captain Cecil K. Sherman, owner of the craft…”

January 13, 1933 [LAT]: “Cruiser smashed. Smashed on the rocky Point Diablo of Santa Cruz Island is the wrecked forty-four-foot cabin cruiser Nigger Boy, owned by Clyde Endregad of Saticoy. The crew of three was picked up by the State Fish Patrol boat, Bluefin, which is now en route to Santa Barbara.”