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North Star (#220343) (1920-1920), 65-foot cannery tender that burned November 4, 1920 at Santa Catalina Island. Two were aboard and escaped. [MVUS 1921]

In the News~

June 22, 1920 [San Pedro Daily News]: “Fellows and Stewart are getting ready to put an engine into the 65-foot cannery tender North Star. Later the cabin will be built and craft will be completed by the first prox.”

November 6, 1920 [San Pedro Daily News]: “The cannery tender North Star, owned by E. D. Clendenning & Co., caught fire when off Santa Catalina Island on Thursday afternoon about 4 o'clock and burned to the water's edge. The fire was evidently caused by imperfect combustion. The boat was valued at approximately $20,000 and was partially covered by insurance.”

November 16, 1920 [San Pedro Daily News]: “Engine Drops Out of Burned Boat; Hull Again Floats. The gasoline boat North Star, which was burned almost to the water's edge off the east end of Santa Catalina Island some weeks ago, sank in deep water, after which the engine dropped out and the hull came to the surface again. The owners and representatives of the Marine insurance interests went over to size up the situation and found that the engine lay in about 100 fathoms of water. This depth precluded salvage operations except by the grappling method, which was declared to be impractical. The derelict was then given up as a total loss and the insurance adjusted on that basis. Later, Petter F. Raber of the boat P.F., picked up the deserted craft and towed in to San Pedro. Raber has now libelled [?] the boat, what is left of it, in order to collect his bill for towage. The hulk will be sold under the hammer after the legal proceedings have been taken. ”