O'CAIN, Joseph

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O'CAIN, Joseph Burling (1766-1807), experienced Boston merchant and captain who opened the sea otter trade in partnership with the Russians in the Pacific Northwest at the beginning of the 18th century.

O'Cain arrived from Boston in Santa Barbara in August 1795 where he was left by an English vessel, Phoenix, Captain Hugh Moore. He had sailed aboard Phoenix as First Mate. O'Cain subsequently sailed in some of the San Blas supply ships; was pilot of the Otter in 1796; captain of the Betty in 1800; and supercargo of the Enterprise in 1801.

O'Cain married Abigail Kimball in Massachusetts on March 14, 1799. His son, Thomas Joseph O'Cain was born in 1805. O'Cain drowned August 11, 1807 at the age of 41 near Sanak Island in the Aleutians when his ship, Eclipse, hit a reef and sank.