O'CONNELL, John Patrick

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O'CONNELL, John Patrick ( -1875) drowned at Santa Catalina Island. He is buried at Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San Bernardino, CA.

In the News~

September 10, 1875 [LAH]: “Mr. J. P. O'Connell, of San Bernardino, who was drowned at Santa Catalina Island last Saturday, was buried under the auspices of the Odd Fellows and Nights of Pithias.”

September 14, 1875 [SacBee]: “J. P. O'Connell of San Bernardino was drowned off Catalina Island last Friday.”

December 1, 1875 [LAH]: “San Bernardino, Nov. 26th, '75. To the Officers and Directors of the S. C. Mutual Aid Association: Gentlemen — It is with pleasure that I acknowledge the receipt this day of the benefit die my daughter, Ellen O'Connell, on the death of her father, John P. O'Connell, who was drowned off Catalina Island on the 3d day of September, 1875, and who was so fortunate to hold a life Membership in your Association. One-fourth of the benefit was received by me as soon as proof of death was presented, and the remainder was received this day. The benefit amounted to $882, which, with $6.10 due him on his agency account, is promptly paid. I hereby desire to express my gratitude on behalf of the orphan child for the kindness shown me by your officers and the promptness with which this claim has been paid. Ellen M. O'Connell, Guardian.”