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Ogan Family, Carpinteria, CA
Rear: Eva Hern, Logan Hern, John Ogan, Mary Ogan
Front row: Wesley Hern, James Simeral Ogan, Betty Ogan
John Ogan, Carpinteria, CA

OGAN, John Higgason (1844-1930), member of a large Carpinteria family whose middle name, Higginson, is from his maternal grandfather, Higgason Harris, who was named after Higgason Grubbs, the Kentucky pioneer.

John Ogan acquired artifacts from Captain George Nidever that once belonged to Juana Maria, Lone Woman of San Miguel Island.

John Ogan and Mary Doty were married in Santa Clara County in January 1867. A daughter Mary Ellen was born to them in June 11, 1868 in Santa Clara County. In November 1868 they moved to Carpinteria where the remainder of their children, Ida May, Eveline, and Louetta Theresa, were born.

James Simeral Ogan (1815-1900) = Elizabeth “Betty” Harris Ogan (1817-1906)

1. Theresa Jane Ogan (1838-1918) = Maxey
2. Millie Ann Ogan (1840-1923)
3. Mary Eleanor “Ellen” Ogan [Metcalf] [Taylor](1842-1933)
4. John Higgason Ogan (1844-1930) = [1867] Mary M. Doty (1848-1918)
1. Mary Ellen Ogan [Metcalf] [Taylor] (1868-1950) = [1888] George Samuel Metcalf (1854-1908)
2. Evelyn “Eve” Ogan [Hern] [Stutsman](1875-1950) = Logan Hern (1866-1905) [first cousins married ~ see below]
Wesley Higgason Hern (1895-1944)
3. Ida May Ogan
4. Eveline Ogan [Hern] =
5. Louetta Theresa Ogan [Jackson] [Giles]
Ivan W. Jackson (1907-1931)
5. Juliana Rachel Ogan (1846-1912) = Jay “Rice” Hern (1828-1921) [eight boys and 1 girl]
1. Jay J. Hern (1862-1929) = Ettie Wraton (1869-1956)
2. Logan Hern (1866-1905) = Evelyn “Eve” Ogan [Hern] [Stutsman](1875-1950) [see above]
3. Grant Hern (1868-1880)
4. Jerome Hern
5. Elizabeth Hern
6. Ead. Hern
7. Patrick M. Hern (1881-1937) = Anna I. Tibbets Hern (1879-1947)
8. Harris “Harry” Herbert Hern (1886-1971) = Genevieve Dietzman Banta Hern (1887 - 1930)
9. George Hern (1888-1966) = Millie Maud Ketcham
6. Sarah Catherine “Kate” Ogan (1854-1937)
7. James Washington Ogan (1857-1933) = Ada Ann Spooner (1851-1931)
1. Milton Ellsworth (1885-1898)
2. Ralph Milo Ogan (1889-1970)
3. Rolland James Ogan (1886-1966)
8. Harrison William Ogan (1860-1869)

In the News~

November 2, 1930 [SBNP]: “John Higginson Ogan of Carpinteria passed away yesterday afternoon after a lingering illness. He came to California at the age of nine years traveling in a covered wagon with his parents [1853]. He was born in Missouri on September 23, 1844. Shortly after arriving in California, Mr. Ogan’s family settled in Carpinteria valley on a ranch, and this has been his home for the last 62 years. His wife Mary Ogan died 13 years ago. Surviving relatives are two daughters, Mrs. Eva Stutsman and Miss Ella Metcalf of Carpinteria; two grandsons, Wesley Hern of Burbank and Ivan Jackson of Carpinteria; and a great grandson, Lawrence Chaney of Burbank. A brother, James W, Ogan of Carpinteria, and two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Kate Martin of Carpinteria and Mrs. Mary E. Harris of San Francisco also survive. Mr. Ogan had been affiliated with the Masonic lodge for more than 50 years, belonging to Carpinteria lodge No. 444. Funeral services will be held under the auspices of the Masons. Arrangements will be announced.”