OKUSU, Yoshio P.

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OKUSU, Yoshio P. (1946-1971), age 26, drowned while SCUBA diving at Long Point, Santa Catalina Island on July 11, 1971.

In the News~

July 12, 1971 [LBI]: “Novice scuba diver Yoshio P. Okusu, 26, of Los Angeles, became entangled in kelp off Catalina Island and drowned in 35 feet of water. It was Okusu's first attempt at using scuba equipment. He died under the water with a full tank of oxygen. He was on a training mission with a party of seven at Long point, a favorite diving spot about five miles north of Avalon. A volunteer searcher, Carl Koeler of the Avalon Dive Shop, found Okusu trapped by strands of kelp about 11 a.m. His air tank was full and had never been used, officials said.”