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OLAFSEN, Johan ( -1905), lobster fisherman who drowned trying to retrieve a trap.

In the News~

February 11, 1905 [LAT]: “San Pedro, Feb. 10.—Capt. Munce of the power launch Rose, which arrived last night from San Nicolas Island with a cargo of lobsters, reports the accidental death by drowning of Johan Olafsen, a fisherman in his employ, Tuesday morning. Olafsen and Chris Jensen had a camp on San Nicolas Island and were looking after the interests of Munce. During a heavy sea one of the lobster traps broke loose and started to float away. When the swell drove it in 100 feet from shore, Olafsen plunged into the sea and swan out to the trap. Suddenly a huge breaker swept over the man, and he sank and did not rise again. Capt. Munce with the Rose spent several hours looking for the body, but without avail. It is thought sharks may have seized the body and carried it away. Olafsen, it is stated, had about $250 in gold on his person at the time of his death. Nothing is known here regarding his antecedents.”