ORTEGA, Theodore

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ORTEGA, Theodore (1845-1919)

In the News~

November 9, 1919 [VDP]: “Pioneer of Ventura to be buried tomorrow. Gases from squirrel poisoning partly responsible for death of late Theodore Ortega. Theodore Ortega was born 74 years ago today, in Purisima, Santa Barbara county, and came to Ventura with his parents when three years of age. His father built the old adobe that in a later generation was restored by the Native Daughters… Ortega was a fine horseman and a vaquero who rode for sundry ranches hereabouts… One of his real adventures was going with his father to Santa Rosa Island to help in the roundup of a big herd of cattle there. Dixey Thompson had shipped a thousand head to the island ten years before. The herd had increased five or six times and had run wild all those years. Handling them was a tremendous task and that old man often told of one animal that got away and swam to Santa Cruz Island seven miles away… Theodore Ortega was married twice. He wedded his first wife 34 years ago in Chino and lost her 18 years later. The only surviving child of the union is Mrs. Carl Brose of Los Angeles, who is here for the funeral. About seven years ago he was married a second time to Mrs. Refugia Garcia, at the Old Mission, from whence he will be buried tomorrow. Besides the widow and daughter he is survived by three brothers, E. C. Ortega of Los Angeles; Juan Ortega of Santa Ana; Victor Ortega of Paso Robles and by four sisters…”