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OXSPRING, Allen Edwin (1904-1934), was born in London on June 20, 1904. He arrived in New York on January 13, 1926, and was naturalized on June 6, 1931 in Los Angeles. He was 29 when he was accidentally killed on San Clemente Island on a hunting trip.

In the News~

February 19 1934 [SDET]: “Hunter killed in retrieving goat. San Pedro, Feb. 19 (I.N.S.) — From the top of a 170-foot cliff on lonely San Clemente Island, Allen Oxspring, 30-year-old machinist, plunged to his death as he sought to retrieve the body of a wild goat he had shot a moment before. Man, gun and goat hurtled down the cliff's face into Red Rock Canyon, and there Oxspring's broken body was found by members of his hunting party. His death was revealed today when the power boat Nora II, carrying his body, arrived here. With 28 other men, Oxspring went to the island, 60 miles off the mainland in San Diego county, to fish and hunt goats. Oxspring separated from the others and climbed to the highest point on the island. He shot a goat and the animal fell over the cliff on to a ledge. Laboriously, Ospring climbed down the ledge, picked up the goat, then lost his balance and went plunging down the cliff to his death. For five hours, the others toiled up the steep slopes carrying Oxspring's body, finally bringing it to the boat Police are waiting word from San Diego authorities for advice on when to hold the inquest.”

February 19 1934 [OT]: “Body of dead goat hunter taken to L.A. Los Angeles, Feb. 19. — The body of Allen Oxspring, 30, of Los Angeles, who fell 170 feet down a canyon on San Clemente Island yesterday while goat hunting, was returned to the harbor today on the power cruiser, Nora II. Oxspring was a member of a party of 29 goat hunters who went to the island, 60 miles off the San Diego coast, last Friday. He shot a wild goat and fell to his death while climbing up to a ledge in Red Rock Canyon.”

February 20, 1934 [LAT]: “Circumstances surrounding the death at San Clemente Island last Sunday of Allen Oxspring, 30 years of age, 1939 Eastlake Avenue, were under investigation yesterday by deputy sheriffs. Oxspring, according to a report made to the coroner, was fatally injured when he fell from a cliff while on a goat-hunting trip with several friends. The body was taken to the undertaking parlors of Palm & McLin in San Pedro.”