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Odd Fellows [IOOF; Independent Order of Odd Fellows] is a benevolent and social society formed by individuals whose chief purpose is the welfare of its members. By 1796, Odd Fellows organizations were numerous in England. In North America, chapters formed first in New York in 1806, and later in Baltimore in 1819. Santa Barbara owes its first public library to Odd Fellows, who, in 1880 sold their collection of about 2000 books to the city after the enactment of the California Municipal Library Law.

In the News~

June 20, 1877 [SBDP]: “The Odd Fellows of this city have decided to accept the proposition of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company and charter the fast-running propeller, Los Angeles, to take an excursion party to Santa Cruz Island on the 4th of July. The arrangements have not been fully made, but as the captain of the Los Angeles says he can make the trip from here to the island in two hours, the boat will probably leave here about 7 o’clock in the morning, and returning, leave the island at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, which will give eight hours there. The fare for the round-trip will be $1.50. The excursion undoubtedly will be a success, and those who are fortunate enough to secure a ticket will have a good time.”

June 21, 1877 [SBDP]: “The Santa Cruz Island excursion is not confined to Odd Fellows. Other kinds of fellows and fellowesses will be carried.”