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U.S.S. Olympia (C-6/CA-15-CL-15/IX-40) (1892-currently restored as a museum ship), a 344-foot protected cruiser with a 53-foot beam built by Union Iron Works, San Francisco. The vessel served as the flagship of Commodore George Dewey in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War in 1898.

USS Olympia (C-6)

In the News~

November 30, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “P. E. Law of this city succeeded in getting some splendid pictures of the Olympia whizzing by the U.S.S. Patterson at a twenty-two-knot gait…”

December 13, 1893 [LAT/VC]: “C. J. McDivitt, of the Santa Barbara Press, was the only newspaper representative on this coast who was permitted to go on board the Olympia during her trial trip in the Santa Barbara Channel last Friday.”

December 16, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The Olympia left her moorings yesterday at about 6 A.M., and maneuvered around in the channel until the fog slowly cleared away…”

March 30, 1895 [LAT/Vallejo]: “Orders have been received at the Mare Island Navy Yard directing the new cruiser, Olympia, to sail on Tuesday next for Santa Barbara Channel for a drill...”

April 11, 1895 [SBMP]: “The Olympia left yesterday morning for Smugglers Harbor… She returns to this port Tuesday.”

April 11, 1895 [LAT]: “The Olympia arrived at Santa Barbara today, and according to a dispatch from that town, will go to Santa Cruz Island for target practice and drill. The Monterey is at present at San Diego.”