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Olympia (#) (-1931)

In the News~

June 24, 1931 [TI/Avalon]: “Explosion on cruiser Sunday near Isthmus. J. L. Moody of Long Beach was burned seriously Sunday afternoon when the cruiser Olympia exploded while the vessel was at anchor off Fisherman's Cove, near the Isthmus. Mr. Moody was brought to the Catalina Hospital on the Coast Guard cutter No. 258. He was burned about the head and shoulders and below the knees. The Olympia burned to the water's edge and sank. The craft was owned by Jesse M. Nelson, president of the Oil Well Supply Company, at Signal Hill. Moody was the only person aboard the cruiser at the time of the explosion. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Moody and J. L. Moody, Jr. had gone for a walk over to Catalina Harbor. On their return they saw their boat in flames. Immediately after the explosion Mr. Moody grabbed a life preserver and jumped overboard. Witnesses state that as the rescuers were rowing out to the burning craft a second explosion occurred, throwing debris and gasoline over Mr. Moody, struggling in the water. Hampered by the life preserver, he was again burned on the head and shoulders. It was some moments before the rescuers could approach the injured man and the burning vessel. The Olympia was valued at $35,000.”