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On the Way (#) (1908- )

In the News~

January 3, 1908 [SBMP]: “A new enterprise filling a long-felt want has started upon the waterfront. Two brothers, F. J. and C. A. Miller, who have been engaged in passenger traffic on Lake Erie, found the season there so short that they cast about for some locality on the Pacific where they could ply their business and run their craft year round... Their vessel is a novelty in these waters... She is a 40-foot power launch with a glass-protected cabin running the greater length of the boat, and having a beam of 12 feet. Over the glass cabin is an upper deck railed for the accommodation of passengers during smooth sailing. The name of the boat is as unique as her build, On the Way... Her carrying capacity is stated to be 97 people...”

January 5, 1908 [SBMP]:On the Way, the Lake Eerie launch recently shipped to this coast by freight, will not make her initial trip today, as certain improvements are being made to her interior...”

January 10, 1908 [SBMP]:On the Way again! ...As the freakish craft floated jauntily in the long rollers of the channel, she presented a strange appearance, a cross between a lunch counter and a fresh air sanitarium... But with all the freakish vessel's attractions she failed to lure the unwary public into her cabin for even a first trip. The dollar per head bait failed to catch. So, after waiting and then waiting some more, her owners decided to withdraw their offer. They also withdrew their freakish craft...”