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Orient (#) (-)

In the News~

September 15, 1910 [LAH]: “San Pedro, September 14. With Captain Louis Hansen as host and pilot, a big delegation of retail grocers from Los Angeles were taken over the harbor today on the launch Orient...”

November 11, 1910 [LAH]: “San Pedro, November 10. Arrived. Launch Orient from San Miguel Island.”

March 13, 1911 [LAH]: “With the border line guarded and patrolled by 20,000 troops, the United States government took further steps to prevent insurrectos obtaining aid from this country yesterday, by dispatching the U.S. launch Orient to watch the coast and check the landing of arms, ammunition and rebel sympathizers by the sea route...”

May 1, 1911 [LAH]: “San Diego APril 30. Ten Chinese have been on the Northwest Shelter Island, 18 miles from San Diego, marooned for the last 11 days. Up to noon today they had been for the greater part of the time without water, and their only food was a few abalones. The immigration launch, Orient, left here tonight to rescue them...”