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Orient (#) (-1969)

In the News~

December 11, 1939 [LAT]: “Boat sinks in collision with ship. Eighteen persons aboard a Filpipno fishing boat escaped injury this morning after their vessel was struck broadside by a Navy missile destroyer near San Nicolas Island, located bout 60 miles off the Ventura County coastline. The 80-foot fishing boat, Orient, sank 20 minutes after the collision. The vessel was reportedly en route to Zamboango in the Philippines after undergoing renovation at San Pedro Harbor. Senior Chief Petty Officer H. W. Shigley, commander of the Port Hueneme Coast Guard Station, said he received a Mayday call over the distress frequency from the vessel at 5:15 a.m. stating they had been hit in the side and all were abandoning ship. Shigley said the fishing boat was struck by the USS Parsons, a 417-foot destroyer, equipped with surface to air missiles. The Coast Guard commander said at 5:40 a.m. the Parsons reported it had picked up the 18 crew members of the fishing boat in life boats. Lt. Cmdr. George BeHart, of the Navy public affairs office in San Diego, said there were apparently no injuries to the crew of the fishing boat or the 276 men aboard the destroyer. He said the destroyer, which sustained minor damage to its bow, was en route to its home port in San Diego. The Parsons, commissioned in about 10 years ago, was on a routine training mission with the 1st Fleet when the accident occurred. Behart said the cause of the collision was unknown. He said the sea was calm and the weather at the time was clear. He said an investigation will be conducted by naval officials.The commander said the value of the fishing boat was unknown, but “I understand it had just been refurbished at San Pedro.” The skipper of the destroyer is Cmdr. James S. Kelly, Jr., of CHula Vista.”