Orizaba Harbor, Santa Cruz Island

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Twin Harbors, Santa Cruz Island

Orizaba Harbor, Santa Cruz Island [Orizaba Cove], has a primary coastal orientation of northwest. The cove is dominated by consolidated volcanic bedrock, and the area surrounding the site is comprised of consolidated bedrock. The site receives some protection from Orizaba Rock but large swells commonly roll over the cove.

In the News~

July 30, 1912 [SBMP]: “A school of anchovies so numerous and densely packed that they crowded each other out of the water was the rather unusual sight witnessed by a party of Santa Barbarans who spent Sunday fishing in the waters about Santa Cruz Island. The party was composed mostly of the young men employed by the Hunt Mercantile Company. They made the trip over to the island Saturday night in the Charm, Captain Short, and spent the night in Orizaba Harbor.”

April 9, 1915 [SBDNI]: “That the pleasures of the channel waters and the beauties and wonders of the islands should be employed more systematically for the benefit of Santa Barbara is the opinion of those who made the trip to the islands Wednesday… aboard Captain Eaton’s boat Sea Wolf. They skirted the coast of the island, visited the big cave and had lunch at Valdez Harbor. The other beauty spots visited were Painted Cave, the Ruby Rock, La Canada, Cueva Valdez, Arch Rock, Ladies Harbor, Dick’s Harbor, Mussel Rocks, the Orizaba, Twin Harbors and Pelican Bay. The party climbed the mountains back of Pelican Bay and gathered many wild flowers there…”

September 4, 1917 [SCICo]: “On September 3rd we gave notice on Ramon Romo et al at Hazard; Rosaline Vasquez et al at Fry’s Harbor; and Frank Nidever at Orizaba. What is the next move? We will serve Willows, Coches Prietos and Blue Banks on September 4th and Middle Banks, Yellowbanks and San Pedro Point on the 5th.”

September 15, 1917 [SCICo]: “We have made arrangements with Nidever at Orizaba to pay a rental of $3.50 per month during the crawfish season.”

April 24, 1928 [ODC]: “Being stormbound for two days off the rocky headlands of Anacapa, navigating rough seas and channels, and afterward visiting the more peaceful waters of Santa Cruz Island’s harbors, with excursions on foot on the island, were highlights of a cruise taken in Dr. William R. Livingston’s sea-going ketch, Moana, by the owner and F. J. Hopkin and John Eberhard… After two nights of rather doubtful safety near Anacapa, they proceeded to Santa Cruz, visited Pelican Bay, and then anchored in Orizaba Harbor which they reported as very calm and beautiful…”

March 31, 1926 [ODC]: “A wildflower exhibit from Santa Cruz Island brought to the mainland Sunday by Norton Stuart, curator of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, has been installed in the museum. The exhibit includes twenty specimens of wildflowers, shrubs and ferns, most of which came from the hills near Orizaba Harbor…”