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Peter Gano's boat [Loud ms.]

July 7, 1890 [LAH]: “Santa Catalina. Yachtsmens' festivities at Avalon. Rendezvous of vessels in the harbor. The little harbor of Avalon for the past few days has presented a picturesque and beautiful sight. Besides the neat little steamer Hermosa, which has been moored there between times during her frequent trips of the past week, and the numerous small craft dotting the bay, there have been at anchor the four representative yachts of Southern California namely the Penelope, Aggie, Nellie and La Paloma... The following order of dances was observed: ...Osprey waltz, Home Sweet Home, Around the Bell Buoy... Mr. Gano's villa on the bluff is nearly finished. It was beautifully illuminated on the night of the Fourth...”