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PALMER, W. H. ( -1902)

In the News~

September 1, 1902 [LAH]: “Avalon, August 31. W. H. Palmer, cashier of the First National Bank of Houston, Texas, died suddenly in the lavatory of the hotel Metropole late yesterday afternoon, presumably of heart disease. Mr. Palmer had been here for several weeks, registering at the Metropole soon after August 1 with his wife, son and daughter. He was a large, well-built man, and had never had a day of illness in his life. Yesterday morning he went fishing in his usual good health. At noon when he returned to the hotel he complained of a feeling of fullness and oppression about the heart, and attributed the cause to indigestion. He refused to accompany his family to the luncheon table, and taking a dose of citrate of magnesia went to lie down. When Mrs. Palmer returned from luncheon she found that the pain had increased, and a mint tablet, for gastritis was administered. Mrs. Palmer reclined beside him on the bed and, falling asleep, awoke later to find him absent. Hearing an unusual disturbance in the hall outside, she listened, and instituting an investigation suggested by an unidentified fer found that her husband had been stricken while in the lavatory and when found by a bellboy was lying on the floor of the little room breathing his last. Dr. Peckham was hurriedly sent for, but by the time he arrived on the scene life was extinct. The body was removed to the Palmer apartments, but nothing could be done further than to telegraph for the coroner and an undertaker. Dr. Peckham believes death to have resulted from natural causes, most probably a direct failure of the heart to act for some unknown cause, and the coroner sent word today that Justice Allen be empowered to ship the body over to town in charge of a Los Angeles undertaker. The remains were accompanied by Mrs. Palmer, who is prostrated with the suddenness of her loss, and the son and daughter.“

September 1, 1902 [SFChronicle]: “Suddenly drops dead. Avalon (Santa Catalina Island). August 31.— W. H. Palmer, cashier of the First National Bank of Houston, Tex., who, with his wife and family, has been touring California, and was a guest at the Hotel Metropole, suddenly dropped dead last night, supposedly of heart disease.“