PATTON, George Smith

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PATTON, George Smith (1856-1927), lawyer and father to the famous U. S. Army General, who was a friend of the Bannings and brother-in-law to Hancock Banning. Patton owned a summer cottage in Avalon at 220 Sumner Avenue. On May 31, 1901, Patton bought into both the Wilmington Transportation Company and Santa Catalina Island Company with William, Joseph, and Hancock Banning, becoming 1/7th shareholder. Patton served on the board of the Santa Catalina Island Company for 18 years.

In 1909 Patton owned 1/21 of the company’s capital stock (#514-542). His wife, Ruth Wilson Patton also owned 1/21 of the capital stock (#543-571). By August 24, 1909 George S. Patton had purchased one seventh of the bond issue that secured Santa Catalina Island. Each Banning brother held 2/7ths. The bonds were sold for $73 each.

Son General George S. Patton Jr. (1885-1945) met his wife Beatrice Banning Ayer on Catalina when they were children during a family summer trip to Catalina Island in 1902. She was the daughter of Boston industrialist Frederick Ayer. The two wed on May 26, 1910 in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. They had three children, Beatrice Smith (born March 1911), Ruth Ellen (born February 1915), and George Patton IV (born December 1923).

In the News~

November 16, 1890 [LAT]: “Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock Miss Anna O. Smith and Hancock Banning were united in marriage at St. Paul’s Church. It was one of the most fashionable and largest church weddings that has ever taken place in this city… First came the ushers in pairs: H. W. Latham… G. Patton… About 500 were present…”

October 19, 1894 [SBDI]: “The Honorable G. S. Patton will address the people of Santa Barbara at the Opera House on Monday evening next.”

May 31, 1901 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. A. McNally of Chicago, Hon. George S. Patton, Jr. of San Gabriel, and F. S. Lowe, registered at the Hotel Metropole yesterday.”

June 21, 1901 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Hon. George S. Patton and wife and Miss Nita Patton have been spending a few days at their cottage here.”

August 28, 1901 [LAT/SCat]: “J. B. Banning and family and the family of George S. Patton went over on a special boat this morning to prepare for their tally-ho trip to the northern part of the State.”

March 21, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Mrs. Hancock Banning has been entertaining a party of friends at the Metropole since last Friday. They are Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Johnson, Mrs. G. S. Patton, Miss Patton, Miss Graves, Miss Adelaide Brown, Howard Huntington and Mr. Steward.”

September 24, 1909 [LAT/SCat]: “Captain William Banning, owner of the palatial craft, El Compañero, called Sunday at Mosquito Harbor, San Clemente Island, and invited Gifford Pinchot, former Governor Pardee and Dr. C. F. Holder to go to San Diego, but they were just leaving for Catalina. On the Compañero were Mr. and Mrs. George Patton, Miss Patton and Miss Banning.”

August 24, 1915 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. and Mrs. George S. Patton of San Gabriel and Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Patton, Jr. are spending several weeks at the Sumner Avenue residence.”

August 31, 1915 [TI/Avalon]: “A swordfish weighing 115 pounds was brought to gaff Wednesday by G. S. Patton of Boston. Mrs. Patton also secured a yellowtail weighing 24-1/2 pounds. The fish were caught at San Clemente.

January 1, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. and Mrs. George S. Patton and daughter were island visitors last week, returning to the mainland Thursday.”