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PENDLETON, Robert Larimore (1890-1957), Minnesota-born botanist, oldest of five siblings born to John Louis Pendleton (1866-1924) and Jessie L. Larimore (1870-1948). Pendleton grew up in California and received his degrees at the University of California at Berkeley — his Ph.D. in 1917. After graduating, Pendleton worked around the globe: in India as an instructor in soils (1917-1923); in the Philippines (1923-1935); in China and Thailand. He became a professor of geography at Johns Hopkins University, where his papers (1938-1949) are located.

As an teenager, Pendleton collected 87 plants in the vicinity of Avalon, Pebble Beach, Moonstone Beach, and the Isthmus on Santa Catalina Island on July 1-10, 1909. Pendleton was accompanied by his fellow botanist friend, Frederick Morris Reed. Pendleton’s island plant specimens are in the University of California herbarium. Duplicates are at Chicago’s Field Museum.

Pendleton collected on:

  • Santa Catalina Island (1909)

Island Collections~

Santa Catalina Island

July 1-10, 1909 UC, FMNH Mills & Nutt