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PERTUSI, Filippo (1865-1937) was born in Masogno, Switzerland on January 10, 1865, the second of six children and the oldest son. When he was 25 years old, he sailed from Le Havre, France, arriving in San Francisco on June 8, 1890. Ten days later, accompanied by 100 French and Italian immigrants, he traveled to Santa Cruz Island where he worked for $20 a month plus room and board. Pertusi stayed on the island for four months, from June 22- October 1, 1890 repairing brick and stone buildings and helping to build the island’s chapel.

When Pertusi left the island, he went to work for a short time on the Laguna Ranch near Los Alamos which was owned by James Barron Shaw. Pertusi eventually started a poultry and general farming business of his own near Santa Maria.

In 1893 Pertusi married Domitilla Milani(1868-1938), and they had four surviving children:

  • [Bernard] James Pertusi (1894-1975)
  • Angelina Linda 'Erlinda' Pertusi [Ontiveros] (1894-1998)[Note: must be 1895 birth]
  • Erma Pertusi [Carranza] (1896-1956)
  • George Pertusi (1899-1966)

Pertusi died at age 72, and his widow, Domitilla, died nine months later of pneumonia. They are buried in the Santa Maria Cemetery.