PETERSEN, Michel Ravenscroft

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Michel Petersen speaking about her book,
Once Upon an Island
at the 5th Channel Islands Symposium, 1999

PETERSEN, Michel Ravenscroft (b.1955), English-born adventurer, the second of four children born to Trevor and Shirley Ravenscroft. Michel Ravenscroft came to California at age 23 where she met William Petersen in April, 1979, and moved to the east end of Santa Cruz Island to work for him. Petersen, 32 years her senior, was looking for a cook. From 1979 to 1984, Michel Ravenscroft worked extremely hard developing the island's sheep operation. On December 23, 1983 she and William Petersen were married. They left the island in 1984 when Island Adventures business took over.

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