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PHILLIPS, Andrew ( -1964)

In the News~

May 21, 1964 [Palos Verdes Peninsula News]: “Body of local man discovered. Palos Verdes Peninsula—The body of David Schoen, 28, who didn't return from a fishing trip nearly two weeks ago, has been found three miles off Santa Catalina Island's Church Rock. Schoen, 26153 Basswood and Andrew Phillips, 43, of Manhattan Beach had gone on a fishing trip to Catalina. No trace of the boat owner of the 42-foot fishing boat have been found. Schoen leaves his wife Grace and two children, Jeffrey, seven, and Karen, four.”

January 27, 1965 [Long Beach Independent]: “...The Coast Guard, ordering a formal inquiry into the loss of the Dixie Belle, noted that two other converted LCVPs have been lost in this area within the past three years. Two men drowned last April when the Grace disappeared without a trace between Wilmington and Catalina. The body of owner Andrew Phillips, 43, of Manhattan Beach, was recovered 15 days later, but that of his companion, David Schoen, 28, Palos Verdes Estates, was never found. Three years ago a similarly converted boat with nine persons vanished off Santa Barbara.”