PIKE, David

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PIKE, David (1957-2008), drowned while diving at Casino Point. He was taken to the hyperbaric chamber at the Isthmus but did not survive. He was 50 years old.

In the News~

June 2, 2008 [dailynews.com]: “A retired Riverside County sheriff's sergeant is dead after a weekend scuba diving accident off Santa Catalina Island. A Los Angeles County sheriff's dispatcher said 50-year-old David Pike was diving with an instructor in about 20 feet of water Saturday at Casino Point Underwater Park when he ran into trouble. Shortly after giving the instructor a thumbs-up signal, Pike floated to the surface, not breathing. He was given CPR and taken by paramedics to a hyperbaric chamber on the island. He remained unresponsive and was declared dead a couple hours later. Hyperbaric chambers are used to treat divers for decompression sickness, also called the bends. Catalina is about 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles County.”