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POLLARD, B. F. (c. 1885-1908)

In the News~

July 2, 1908 [LAH]: “Sights body lying at bottom of bay. B. F. Pollard, Jr., of Connecticut is drowned at Avalon, having been apparently taken with sudden seizure while swimming. AVALON, JULY 1.—B. F. Pollard, Jr.,of South Norwalk, Conn., was drowned in the bay here yesterday afternoon at a point about fifty feet from the shore. His body, lying in eight feet of water, was discovered by a party who were in a glass bottomed boat. The put back at once to Avalon and procured the services of a diver, who quickly brought it to the surface. It is certain that the man had been in the water only a short time, for signs of life were not entirely extinct for seven hours after it was recovered, but all efforts to bring about resuscitation failed. Deceased was about 23 years of age, and came to Los Angeles from Connecticut last October on account of his health. He worked for some time as a carpenter and then took a position in a restaurant at Second and Spring streets. This he resigned recently in order to take a position in a hotel here. In Los Angeles he resided with H. J. Hunt at 2624 East Second Street, who had known him well in Port Chester, N. Y., where the Pollard family formerly lived. The dead man's father, mother and young sister live at present in South Norwalk, and Mr. Hunt has received a telegram from them instructing him to take charge of the body. He will ship it east. As the body was clothed only in a bathing suit, and as deceased was known to be out of health, the presumption is that he went in swimming and was seized with a sudden attack.”