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PRESTON, James J. (1869-), was reported drowned over the summer of 1899 at Santa Catalina Island. He appears in the 1900 census in Visalia, California in the 1900 census; occupation barber;

In the News~

September 13, 1899 [LAH]: “Thomas Preston of Lagoda, Ia., has heard indirectly that his brother, James J. Preston, a barber, was killed or drowned at Catalina Island this summer, and he wishes to know whether it is true.”

September 13, 1899 [LAH]: “Thomas Preston of Lagoda, Iowa, writes to ascertain, if possible, the whereabouts of his brother, James J. Preston, who, the writer is informed, lost his life by drowning either at Santa Catalina or on the Coast near Los Angeles this summer. THe letter says the man wanted left home twelve years ago and has since been in California. The writer desires to know whether his information as to his brother's death is true. Inquiry was made at the Coroner's office yesterday as to whether any such man had been drowned. The Coroner states that his records contain no reference to such an accident.”