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Pacific Discovery, California Academy of Sciences quarterly publication, founded in 1948, which covers the fields of botany, zoology, geology, ethnography and ecology of the countries around and within the Pacific Basin.

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  • 1960 Norris, Robert M. Desert San Nicolas and the Last Nicoleño in 13:10-13
  • 1961 Grant, Campbell Ancient Art in the Wilderness XIV: 4(12-19) July-August 1961
  • 1969 Peterson, Richard S. and Burney J. LeBoeuf Fur Seals in California (12-15) May June
  • 1985 Lanting, Frans Islands of the West from Baja to Vancouver 38(4):4-13, October-December
  • 1990 Edgar, Blake First Californians 43(4):26-33, Fall