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Panama (#) (-)

In the News~

May 9, 1915 [SBMP]: “More salvage in. Yesterday the power schooner Panama of Long Beach, engaged by Captain Eaton to help save the barley cargo of the wrecked Aggi, came over with its first load, and went back for another. Captain Eaton also came in with the Sea Wolf loaded down to the guards with the grain, and about as soon as it was landed, he too returned to the wreck to repeat the operation.”

May 11, 1915 [SBMP]: Barley salvage. The Sea Wolf and Panama brought eight and twenty-five tons of barley, respectively, from the wreck of the ship Aggi last Sunday, and about the same amount yesterday. This nearly used up all the dry barley on the wrecked vessel, and work will begin today in handling the grain that has been damaged by the water.”

May 12, 1915 [SBMP]: “The Sea Wolf and Panama came in from the wreck of the Aggi yesterday with another load each of the barley from the ruined hulk. This makes 1200 sacks, or about 60 tons, that the two boats have rescued from the wreck, and it about completes the salvage of the dry barley in the Aggi’s cargo. Work will now commence on the removal of the damaged grain, which can be sold only for chicken food, for which it will do very well after being dried out. The wreck of the Aggi is said to be fast breaking up. During the past few days the masts have all been swept away, and soon the fragments of the ship will be scattered far and wide over the watery wastes.”

May 13, 1915 [SBMP]: “After wet barley. Continuing in her work of helping in the salvage of the grain on the wrecked ship Aggi, fast on Talcott’s Shoal, the power schooner Panama left again for the wreck yesterday afternoon to get another load. Captain Eaton will arrive today with another load in the Sea Wolf. All the barley now left on the Aggi is wet, but it is said to make good chicken feed after being dried out, and although it must be sold at a low price, it is said to be well worth saving under the present plans employed.”

May 14, 1915 [SBMP]: “Barley from wreck. Captain Ira K. Eaton came over from the wreck of the ship Aggi yesterday noon in the Sea Wolf with another load of damaged barley. The power schooner Panama is at the wreck in the effort to get one more load of the grain, and if she gets it aboard that will be the last attempted, as the water there is so rough as to make it almost impossible to transfer the grain. The total amount of the barley recovered from the Aggi by Captain Eaton is about eighty tons.”

May 18, 1915 [SBMP]: “Wreck of the Aggi will soon be dream. Universal must hurry if it wants to photograph the real thing. Henry McRea, D. M. Meaney and Allen Watt of the Universal Motion Picture concern’s company that is working in the photoplays that are to be made with the wreck of the Aggi as a setting, arrived at the Arlington Hotel from Los Angeles last Sunday and went over to the Universal camp on Santa Rosa Island shore yesterday afternoon by the powerboat Panama to get plans organized for active work. Forty members of the company arrived at the island camp last Saturday from San Pedro on the Santa Rosa Island Company’s powerboat, the Vaquero. The Panama will be stationed at the island as long as the company remains there. The camp is distant about six miles from the wreck, and it is in one of the few good spots for camping this part of the island supplies. The Panama will transport the actors to and from the wreck, besides making trips to the mainland for provisions and mail for the temporary population of the island...”

May 18, 1915 [SBMP]: “The power schooner Panama came in from the Aggi wreck yesterday morning, bringing 200 sacks of wet barley, an anchor saved from the wreck and a lot of brass work and other junk. This load was called the last to be taken from the wreck, which is reported fast breaking up. All the barley now left in the hulk is said to be under water, and there is nothing else aboard worth saving that can be got at.”

January 21, 1916 [SBMP]: “Captain Ira K. Eaton, who for several years past has done the most of the island excursion business from this port, is preparing for larger operations this coming season. The captain's camp at Pelican Bay will be greatly enlarged and otherwise improved, and to meet the increase in demand for transportation that has naturally come with Captain Eaton's satisfactory management of his excursion business, he has arranged with Frank Pasquel of San Pedro, owner of the fine new powerboat Panama, to cooperate with him in business this season. The Panama, now in Mexican waters, will be here June 1 or possibly a little earlier. She is 65 feet long, is fitted with a diesel engine, the first marine engine of this wonderful new type, and has a speed capacity of 13 knots or more an hour. She carries 75 passengers with comfort, and has carried as many as 125 on short trips. The boat is furnished very comfortably as to every detail, and is said to be a very pleasant one in which to travel.”