Paradise Cove, Santa Catalina Island

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Paradise Cove, Santa Catalina Island, also known as Cave Beach, is a small beach located on the island's leeward side, just east of Ripper's Cove. There is a single campground in the cove accessible only by boat or kayak. There are no toilets or running water and fires are not allowed. The beach is sheltered under a protective rocky bluff, out of the wind on three sides. The beach is sand mixed with cobblestones and tumbled-smooth lava rocks of various colors. Closer to the waters edge it is mostly sand. (Watch for rattlesnakes.) Reservations from the Santa Catalina Island Company are required to camp here.

Paradise Cove is one of eleven primitive boat-in designated beach camp sites, all on the lee shore between Avalon and Two Harbors: Willow Cove, Long Point Beach; Italian Gardens A,B & C (NOT on the same beach with each other); Goat Harbor; Cabrillo; Gibraltar; Lava Wall; Paradise; and Rippers.