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Pelican (#) (-1955), Ira Eaton’s 40-foot gas powered boat in 1934 after he left his job aboard the schooner Santa Cruz. [Eaton 1980: 250-251]. When Ira Eaton died, Pelican was purchased by Captain George M. McGuire who used her for hunting seals, sea lions, otters, and other sea-going animals. According to Don Butler, son-in-law and employee of Robert Brooks, lessee of San Miguel Island, Pelican was used to service the island during Butler's time (1942-l950). The vessel ended her life in December 1955 under the ownership of Santa Barbara fisherman, George Castagnola, when she was pounded to pieces at Gaviota.

In the News~

August 14, 1938 [SBNP]: “Captain Ira Eaton, veteran mariner of the Santa Barbara channel and a resident of Santa Barbara for 53 years, died yesterday in a local hospital… Successively Captain Eaton sailed the Gussie M, the Sea Wolf and the Pelican, which he owned and was operating at the time of his death…”

December 27, 1938 [LAT]: “Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz Island seals sent by train to New York. Shipment of six males will undergo training before exhibition debut. Six husky male sea lions from the rookeries of Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands chain are headed out of this port, with the New York World’s Fair as their ultimate destination. Captured by Captain George McGuire, who has been hunting seals, sea lions, otters and other sea-going animals out of this port for 36 of his 85 years, the noisy cargo made the voyage from the island aboard Pelican, formerly owned by the late Captain Ira Eaton…”

December 5, 1955 [SBNP]: “The 45-foot fishing boat Pelican broke loose from its mooring some time early yesterday morning during a storm off Gaviota and was pounded against the rocks until it sank, it was reported today by George V. Castagnola, Sea Food Co. owners. No one was aboard the craft at the time. The loss was estimated at $15,000.