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Peter Pan, Prisoners' Harbor, 1924

PETER PAN (1924) was filmed, in part, on Santa Cruz Island in 1924. It is a black and white 105 minute silent film made on Santa Cruz Island in 1924 by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation based on the play written by Sir James Barrie. The film was directed by Herbert Brenon (1880-1958) and starred Betty Bronson (1906-1971) as Peter Pan. Wendy was played by Mary Brian (b. 1908). Margaret Eaton remembered:

“In 1924 we catered to the movie company making "Peter Pan." Herbert Brenon, the director, was a man of many moods, hard to understand, and completely wrapped up in himself. The leading lady was Betty Bronson, who was a very young girl, but for being temperamental she beat anyone who had hit the island. When she arrived at the island, she expected to be met by a brass band. Only a few months back, she had been working as an extra in the company; now all the extras knew they had better stay out of her way. Also in the company were Mary Brian, Theodore Roberts, Anna May Wong, and James Wong Howe. All told, there were 100 people, half of them were diving girls. Valdez and Painted Cave were used as locations.” [1980: 234]. Copies of the film still exist.

In the News~

October 15, 1924 [SBMP]: “Director Chester Bennett and a cast of 100 members of the Famous Players-Lasky company, will sail for Santa Cruz Island next Saturday to film a large portion of Peter Pan, Sir James Barrie’s stage play, it was learned yesterday. In the place of Maude Adams, who made the play one of the best known on the stage a decade ago, 17-year-old Betty Bronson, a new star in the moving pictures, will play the title roles. Santa Cruz Island was selected as the location for the picture after a long search because of its unusual settings and unsurpassed scenery. The company will make its headquarters at Eaton’s Camp, Pelican Bay, during the filming of the picture.”