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Pioneer (#) (-)

In the News~

June 4, 1933 [LAT]: “As the third phase of a two-year project which will give the Southern California coastline complete and accurate new charts, the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey steamer Pioneer has started charting the coastal shelf from Point Conception south to and as far offshore as San Nicolas Island…”

August 15, 1933 [LAT]: “NRA funds were yesterday allocated in San Pedro to the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey for completion of a hydrographic survey of the California coast, and as first project in this area, topographic survey of San Clemente Island was begun under the direction of Lieutenant R. W. Knox. The new appropriation will insure completion of arrested topographic and hydrographic surveys of the eight Channel Islands, from San Clemente north to San Miguel; continuance of the offshore surveys by the steamers Pioneer and Guide; and early publication of a complete new set of navigation charts of the California coast. The survey of San Clemente Island, the first since 1870, will require three months… A similar survey group under Lieutenant C. K. Greene, is at work on the four islands of the northern group: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel…”

October 14, 1937 [LAT]: The survey steamer Pioneer is spending the week off San Clemente Island investigating reports of abnormal compass variations, possibly due to sun spots.”