Pioneer (1870s)

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Pioneer (#) (-) [Is this Timms vessel Pioneer?]

In the News~

March 3, 1870 [SDU]: “Captain Walter Gibbons, of the schooner Pioneer, was drowned ten days ago at Anacapa Island.”

July 26, 1873 [SBDP]: “Arrived. July 18. Schooner Pioneer, [Captain] Thompson, from a hunting expedition with 11 sea lions for Woodward’s Garden.”

July 26, 1873 [SBSWT]: “Captain Brown has just made us a call, having returned from a cruise on the schooner Pioneer to San Nicolas Island. He tells us that the Pioneer brings ten live sea lions from the island, weighing from 100 to 1500 pounds each, to be shipped to San Francisco, for Woodward’s Garden. The best prize, weighing one ton, which took nine hours to secure, died at sea about eight miles our from here. This is what mighgt be called ‘a good catch.’”

August 1, 1873 [SBDP]: “Departures. Schooner Pioneer, [Captain] Thompson, on a hunting expedition.”

May 20, 1876 [VS]: “Captain Myron Warner with his schooner Pioneer, in company with his cousin, Mr. Ed Warner and Charles Streeter, and three hands left on Thursday, bound for Anacapa, where they will engage in sealing until the 4th of July. They took 60 barrels in which they will ship their oil. Charles Streeter goes to shoot seal. He is said to be the ‘boss’ sealsman. The oil will be sold on the island to Captain Timms, of San Pedro, at a stipulated price. Captain Warner intends, when through this expedition, to quit the perilous business, and to settle down in our midst as a land-lubber and speculator.”