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Pirate (#) (-1881), fishing vessel that sank off San Francisco heads with five aboard. All were lost. One of the victims was Farallon lighthouse keeper, Wyman C. Partlow.

In the News~

November 21, 1881 [SDU]: “There are grave reasons to fear the loss of the fishing boat Pirate and five souls outside the Heads. The missing craft, a plunger about 28 feet long by 9 feet beam, left this city Tuesday morning, having on board W. C. Partlow, lighthouse keeper of the South Farallone Islands; Joseph Cardello, the owner of the boat; and Antone Benzig, Giatano Phonelli anf Vincent Valenciano, the fishing crew. Cardello and Partlow were old friends, a 12-year-old son of the former having been on the island with the latter for some time.”