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Point Judith (#WPB82345) (1966-1992+), 82-foot steel-hulled patrol boat built in Tacoma, Washington and commissioned on July 26, 1966. She was stationed at San Pedro from 1966 to 1972 and then transferred to Santa Barbara from 1973 until she was decommissioned January 15, 1992 and transferred to Venezuela.

On November 22, 1984 she seized the yacht Mir 5.5 miles off Santa Rosa Island with 7 tons of marijuana on board.

In the News~

November 23, 1981 [SBNP]: Two Santa Barbara men and an Ojai man were rescued at Santa Cruz Island by the Coast Guard cutter Point Judith this morning after their 38-foot fishing vessel, Vananetta, ran aground last night during heavy fog... The three men were stranded overnight on the south side of the island at Blue Banks Anchorage...”