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Passenger steamer Pomona at
San Buenaventura pier.
Photo by John Calvin Brewster.
Passenger steamer Pomona wrecked in 1908.

Pomona (#150444) (1888-1908), 225-foot steel passenger cargo steamer built in San Francisco and used by the Pacific Coast Steamship Company from 1897 to 1908. From 1888 to 1897, Pomona was owned by the Oregon Improvement Company. According to Santa Cruz Island Company records, Pomona delivered supplies to the island in 1890, 1891, 1894, and 1898. On March 17, 1908, Pomona struck a submerged rock two miles off the Russian River after which she was run ashore at a Fort Ross Cove in order to save the passengers. The California State Parks System and the state Lands Commission created the S.S. Pomona Underwater Shipwreck Park at Fort Ross State Historic Preserve where today the ship’s remains can be seen at a depth of twenty-five feet.

In the News~

May 22, 1894 [LAST/SB]: “It is stated that the Pacific Coast Steamship Company is soon to make an important change in their line of boats on the southern route... The Coos Bay, which is running in place of the wrecked Los Angeles, is to be replaced by the Pomona. This will make a much better line of steamers than has been run heretofore on this route.”

October 1, 1894 [LAT/SB]: “Another change is to be made in the schedule of the steamship line. The Corona is to be placed in dry dock and thoroughly overhauled, during which time the Pomona will run in her place.”

November 23, 1894 [SBMP]: “The steamer Coos Bay disabled at Santa Cruz Island. The steamer Santa Cruz arrived in port yesterday with six sailors and the 2nd mate of the steamer Coos Bay on board. They had been picked up in the channel while on their way to this city to report the breaking of the shaft on their steamer while making the wharf at Santa Cruz Island Wednesday night. On orders from the Pacific Steamship Company the Santa Cruz sailed for the island to take off the passengers which were later brought to this port. The disabled steamer will be towed to San Francisco by the Pomona tonight.”

November 23, 1894 [SBDI]: “The steamer Santa Cruz brought over the crew and passengers of the Coos Bay from Santa Cruz Island last night after which she sailed to Redondo. The Pomona, which goes north tomorrow night, has orders to tow the disabled Coos Bay to San Francisco.”

June 10, 1898 [SBMP]: “Captain Dabney of the Pomona, arriving yesterday afternoon from San Francisco, reported having sighted the United States monitor Monterey in tow of the Brutus off Gaviota Landing, about midway in the channel, and steaming the passage between Santa Rosa and Cruz islands...”