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Image: All 8.jpg|<center> Island neighbors visiting San Clemente Island, <br>Friday, November 17, 1995. Several became members of the All 8 Club  as a result of this visit. Left to right: <br>Marla Daily, Santa Cruz Island Foundation<br>Mark Connally, Island Packers<br>Nita Vail, Vail & Vickers<br>Bill Everett, Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program<br>Cathy Kohler, Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program<br>Al Vail, Vail & Vickers<br> Mary Vail, Vail & Vickers<br> Clif Smith, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden<br> Russ Vail, Vail & Vickers<br>Tim Vail, Vail & Vickers</center>
Image: All 8.jpg|<center> Island neighbors visiting San Clemente Island, <br>Friday, November 17, 1995. Several became members of the All 8 Club  as a result of this visit. Left to right: <br>Marla Daily, Santa Cruz Island Foundation<br>Mark Connally, Island Packers<br>Nita Vail, Vail & Vickers<br>Bill Everett, Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program<br>Cathy Kohler, Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program<br>Al Vail, Vail & Vickers<br> Mary Vail, Vail & Vickers<br> Clif Smith, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden<br> Russ Vail, Vail & Vickers<br>Tim Vail, Vail & Vickers</center>

Image:SNI Beach Clean up 1999.jpg|<center>San Nicolas Island Beach Clean-Up 1999:  Left to right: Keith & Loren Herold<br>Chip & Leslee Wullbrandt<br>Marilyn Goodfield<br>Robert Schwemmer<br>Aaron Gauss <br>Marla Daily & Kirk Connally </center>
Image:SNI Beach Clean up 1999.jpg|<center>San Nicolas Island Beach Clean-Up 1999:  Left to right:<br> Keith & Loren Herold<br>Chip & Leslee Wullbrandt<br>Marilyn Goodfield<br>Robert Schwemmer<br>Aaron Gauss <br>Marla Daily & Kirk Connally </center>

Image:All 8 plate.png|<center>License plate of Michael Williams seen in Carpinteria, CA 6/2020 </center>
Image:All 8 plate.png|<center>License plate of Michael Williams seen in Carpinteria, CA 6/2020 </center>

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All 8 Club Burgee: one line of white stars represents the four northern Channel Islands; the other the four southern Channel Islands.

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In 1994, California Channel Islands research historian, Marla Daily, founded the All Eight Club for people who have set foot on all eight of California's Channel Islands. To be able to set foot on all eight of the California Channel Islands is not a simple task. More people have been to the International Space Station than have set foot on all eight islands. Each of these islands requires different visitation arrangements. Five of the eight California Channel Islands comprise Channel Islands National Park and are open to the public:

Two islands are controlled by the military:

The eighth island, SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, is run by the Santa Catalina Conservancy. It is the only island with a city — Avalon.

As of 1994, the Santa Cruz Island Foundation has been searching for individuals who have spent time on all eight Calofornia Channel Islands. These rare individuals are eligible for membership in the Santa Cruz Island Foundation's "All Eight Club."

Members of the "All Eight Club." include bioligists anthropologists, botanists, ornithologists, zoologists, educators, helicopter and fixed wing pilots, a retired National Park superintendent and park employees, a museum director, a lichenologist, a photographer, a retired judge, and a sea captain. This is said to be the most exclusive recognized geographic club in the world with membership in the low 200s—a tenth of the famous 7 Summits Club.


  • Rincon Island (man-made Channel Island)
  • Farallones
  • Año Nuevo
  • Islas Coronado
  • Islas Todos Santos
  • Isla San Martin
  • Isla San Geronimo
  • Isla Guadalupe
  • Islas San Benito
  • Isla Cedros
  • Isla Natividad
  • Isla Asuncion

NOTE: Extraordinary "Islands" and Islets, but not named offshore rocks, include:

  • Sutil Island, Santa Barbara Island
  • Prince Island, San Miguel Island
  • Gull Island, Santa Cruz Island
  • Islote Afuera, Isla Guadalupe [aka Islote Zapato]
  • Islote Adentro, Isla Guadalupe [aka Islote Toro]
  • Islote Bernal, Isla Guadalupe
  • Islote Negro, Isla Guadalupe

Membership benefits include an “All Eight California Channel Islands” baseball hat and a membership certificate.

Qualified persons are invited to apply; click to download application. Photographic proof may be required.


POSTHUMOUSLY ELIGIBLE MEMBERS: All Eight Club predecessors. The following 17 men are known to have historically set foot on all eight California Channel Islands:


  • 1918-1919 California Academy of Sciences Channel Islands Biological Survey visited all eight islands:
Barton Warren Evermann; John Van DenBurgh; J. R. Slevin;
  • March 25-April 5, 1927 the following visited all but San Nicolas Island aboard Silsby M. Spaulding's yacht, Padariva II:
H. W. Carriger, Dudley DeGroot, J. R. Pemberton and O. W. Howard. The latter two eventually visited San Nicolas Island.
  • 1939-1941 Los Angeles County Museum Biological Survey visited All Eight Islands:
M. B. Dunkle; George P. Kanakoff; Lloyd M. Martin; Don Meadows; Reid Moran; Jack C. Von Bloeker; George Willett
  • 1994 Marla Daily established the All Eight Club. She is the first documented woman to visit all eight California Channel Islands.

All Eight Club Members

All 8 No. Last Name First Name City Year
1 All 8+ Daily Marla Carpinteria,CA 1994
2 All 8+ Connally Kirk Carpinteria,CA 1994
3 Hillinger* Charles (1926-2008) Rancho Palos Verdes,CA 1994
4 Leatherwood* Steve (1944-1997) San Diego,CA 1994
5 Laughrin Lyndal Santa Barbara, CA 1994
6 Junak Steve Santa Barbara, CA 1994
7 Shaver C. Mack San Francisco, CA 1994
8 Oberman Mark Camarillo, CA 1994
9 All 8+ Power Dennis Santa Barbara, CA 1994
10 Dewey William Santa Barbara, CA 1994
11 All 8+ Everett Bill Julian, CA 1994
12 Rennie Charles J. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 1994
13 Lowell Lauretta Palm Desert, CA 1994
14 Wehtje Walter Camarillo, CA 1995
15 All 8+ Stewart Brent San Diego, CA 1995
16 Miller Scott Arlington, VA 1995
17 Collins Paul W. Santa Barbara, CA 1995
18 All 8+ McLaughlin Charles W. Oxnard, CA 1995
19 Swopes Bryan R. Thousand Oaks, CA 1995
20 Hansen Barry Camarillo, CA 1995
21 Scherzinger Rob Pt. Hueneme, CA 1995
22 Bennet Steven A. Oxnard, CA 1995
23 McCrory James L Camarillo, CA 1995
24 Throckmorton Phyllis Oxnard, CA 1995
25 Throckmorton Rick Oxnard, CA 1995
26 Ehorn William H. Smith River, CA 1995
27 Fellers* Gary M. Point Reyes, CA 1995
28 Smith* Clifton F. (1920-1999) Santa Barbara, CA 1995
29 Vail* N. Russ (1921-2005) Pasadena, CA 1995
30 Vail* Al (1921-2000) Santa Barbara, CA 1995
31 Connally Mark Ventura, CA 1995
32 Spears Carol Mentor, OH 1995
33 Adee Daniel S. Oxnard, CA 1995
34 Los Stanley C. Santa Barbara, CA 1995
35 Weaver Don Goleta, CA 1996
36 Benedict Michael R. Santa Barbara, CA 1996
37 Deal* Nan (1931-2010) Carpinteria, CA 1996
38 Wendland Fred J. Oxnard, CA 1996
39 Bratt Charis Goleta, CA 1996
40 Kritzman George La Canada, CA 1996
41 Begun David Westlake Village, CA 1996
42 Rozaire* Charles E. Los Angeles, CA 1997
43 Krauch Robert A. Playa del Rey, CA 1997
44 Chaney Sarah Santa Barbara, CA 1997
45 Blakley* Elwood R. "Jim" (1924-2008) Santa Barbara, CA 1997
46 Milliken Gail Meadows Santa Barbara, CA 1997
47 Kirkland Keri Santa Barbara, CA 1997
48 Green* Theodore S. (1934-2001) Ventura, CA 1997
49 Dobyns Frank Santa Barbara, CA 1997
50 Dodson* Judge Floyd C. (1924-2015) Santa Barbara, CA 1997
51 Norris* Robert (1921-2012) Santa Barbara, CA 1998
52 Keller Paul Goleta, CA 1998
53 Watson Charley Santa Barbara, CA 1998
54 Smith Grace Pt. Mugu, CA 1998
55 Wendland Rita Oxnard, CA 1998
56 Hovard* Ernie (1924-2019) Pasadena, CA 1998
57 Goodfield Llew Carpinteria, CA 1999
58 Schwartz Steve J. Pt. Mugu, CA 1998
59 Dow Ronald J. Port Hueneme, CA 1999
60 Bassett Samantha Upland, CA 1999
61 Freedman Allan H. Encino, CA 1999
62 Sandstrom Johan M. Manhattan Beach, CA 1999
63 Hullibargar Mark Manhattan Beach, CA 1999
64 Vail Nita Sacramento, CA 1999
65 Schwemmer Robert V. Santa Clarita, CA 1999
66 All 8+ Schuyler Peter Santa Barbara, CA 2000
67 Nilsen Nancy M San Diego, CA 2000
68 Goodfield Marilyn Summerland, CA 1999
69 Barnes Carolyn Oxnard, CA 2000
70 St. Joseph* Chuck Port Hueneme, CA 2000
71 Spotts Curtis Northridge, CA 2000
72 Whetsell Earl W. Oak View, CA 2001
73 Saenz Ed Simi Valley, CA 2000
74 Davis Gary E. Thousand Oaks, CA 2001
75 Lum Matt Santa Barbara, CA 2001
76 Humer Robert P. Oak Park, CA 2001
77 Humer David S.L. Oak Park, CA 2001
78 Gross Richard Torrance, CA 2001
79 Oghigian Gross Niva Torrance, CA 2001
80 Robinson* Don (1919-2004) San Diego, CA 2001
81 Watson Joan Santa Barbara, CA 2001
82 Gray Jim Ventura, CA 2002
83 van de Hoek Robert “Roy” Malibu, CA 2002
84 Suchil* John (1944-2015) Oxnard, CA 2002
85 Banick Harvey Santa Barbara, CA 2003
86 Huston Ann E. Ventura, CA 2003
86B Lohuis Derek Ventura, CA 2003
87 Herold Keith Alto Pass, IL 2004
88 Herold Loren Alto Pass, IL 2004
89 Hawley Georganna M. Oxnard, CA 2003
90 Haaker Peter L. Westminster, CA 2003
91 McIntyre Diana Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 2004
92 Ricker Don Moreno Valley, CA 2004
93 Winover Jack W. Oxnard, CA 2004
94 Johnson Kenneth Santa Barbara, CA 2005
95 McCabe Stephen Santa Cruz, CA 2005
96 Peterson Jay L. Oxnard 1994
97 Howorth Peter Santa Barbara, CA 2006
98 McLennan Donald Altadena, CA 2006
99 Schoeni Kenneth Longmont, CO 2006
100 Owen Ken Santa Barbara, CA 2007
101 Latta Brian Santa Cruz, CA 2007
102 Long Richard W. Corona del Mar, CA 2007
103 Duncan Robert Santa Barbara, CA 2008
104 Quist* Maj. John W. Oxnard, CA 2008
105 Oxx William Garner, NV 2008
106 Roberti Elizabeth Lester Santa Monica, CA 2009
107 MacDougall* Stewart (1927-2016) Santa Barbara, CA 2009
108 Parsons Calvin R. Avalon, CA 2009
109 Muscat Ann M. Avalon, CA 2009
110 McWaters Jim Ventura, CA 2009
111 Middleton David Manhattan Beach, CA 2010
112 Sharpe Peter Avalon, CA 2010
113 Rose Inge Santa Barbara, CA 2010
114 Lewis Dave Aptos, CA 2010
115 Kaye-Carr Staci Ventura, CA 2010
116 Vitti Jim Ventura, CA 2010
117 Petrich Jr. Paul D. Santa Barbara, CA 2010
118 All 8+ Greene Carolyn Sonoma Valley, CA 2011
119 Couffer* Jack Corona del Mar, CA 2011
120 Evans Joan C. Santa Barbara, CA 2011
121 Yochem Pam San Diego, CA 2011
122 Van Slyke* Kathy (d. 2018) Camarillo, CA 2011
123 Edwards Dave Oxnard, CA 2011
124 Colavito Timothy James Ventura, CA 2012
125 Ericson Dawn N. Malibu, CA 2012
126 Reyes John Los Angeles, CA 2012
127 Sweel Greg Santa Monica, CA 2012
128 Finger Helene San Luis Obispo, CA 2012
129 Jenkins Connie Malibu, CA 2012
130 Johnson John Santa Barbara, CA 2012
131 Craven Jessica Camarillo, CA 2012
132 Lawton Karen Santa Barbara, CA 2012
133 Dresser Johnny Carpinteria, CA 2013
134 Hart Gordon A. Westlake Village, CA 2013
135 Burtness George Santa Barbara, CA 2013
136 Hanna Molly Santa Barbara, CA 2013
137 French Catherine Port Hueneme, CA 2013
138 Celic Carol Santa Barbara, CA 2013
139 Spielman Margery Ventura, CA 2013
140 Hogan Norma Oxnard, CA 2013
141 Jack Donald Santa Barbara, CA 2013
142 Nicols Ron Santa Barbara, CA 2013
143 Fahy Krista Santa Barbara, CA 2013
144 Marcus Larry Oxnard, CA 2013
145 Mills Donald Ventura, CA 2013
146 Telleen-Lawton David Santa Barbara, CA 2013
147 Arnold Greg Wrightwood, CA 2013
148 Huber Jon Ventura, CA 2013
149 Ehret Stephen Ventura, CA 2013
150 Faulkner William Ventura, CA 2014
151 Flor Thomas Ventura, CA 2014
152 Justin Joel Camarillo, CA 2014
153 Morrison Scott San Francisco, CA 2012
154 Coffield Patrick Coeur D'Alene, ID 2014
155 Schwartz Doug Tustin, CA 2014
156 Schwartz Joanne Tustin, CA 2014
157 Krier Katie Santa Barbara, CA 2014
158 Krier Duncan Santa Barbara, CA 2014
159 Krier Kelly Santa Barbara, CA 2014
160 Krier Paul Santa Barbara, CA 2014
161 Knudsen Kerry Wildomar, CA 2014
162 Anderson Al Ventura, CA 2014
163 Wilson Alex Ventura, CA 2014
164 Schreiner David Goleta, CA 2015
165 Wilkinson Diane Fullerton, CA 2015
166 Power Paula Ojai, CA 2015
167 Duncan Emily Santa Barbara, CA 2015
168 Mitcham Jerry Thousand Oaks, CA 2015
169 Bright Mark Santa Barbara, CA 2015
170 Dewey Anne Santa Barbara, CA 2015
171 Sanders Gregory Ventura, CA 2015
172 Ratay Sarah Lompoc, CA 2015
173 Erlandson Jon Eugene, OR 2015
174 Dydyk R. Barry Newbury Park, CA 2015
175 Ferrara Francesca Ventura, CA 2016
176 Todd* Frank San Diego, CA 2016
177 Niessen Ken Ojai, CA 2016
178 Brown Tara Santa Barbara, CA 2016
179 MacRae Spencer Santa Barbara, CA 2016
180 Carstens Dylan San Diego, CA 2016
181 Hernandez Nicholas Pasadena, CA 2016
182 Mitchel Hank Santa Barbara, CA 2016
183 Mills Andrea Carpinteria, CA 2016
184 Wilson Stuart Santa Barbara, CA 2016
185 Bredin Sandy Los Angeles, CA 2016
186 Carter* Harry (1956-2016) Victoria, BC 2016
187 Bursek Julie Ventura, CA 2016
188 Dinsmore Daniel San Francisco, CA 2016
189 Zimmerman Eric Santa Barbara, CA 2016
190 Lanes Andrew Santa Barbara, CA 2017
191 Campbell-Spickler Jim McKinleyville, CA 2017
192 Atwater Tanya Santa Barbara, CA 2017
193 Ball Morgan Lompoc, CA 2017
194 Blumenshine Karen Santa Barbara, CA 2017
195 Olthof Katrina Lompoc, CA 2017
196 Chase Emily Ventura, CA 2017
197 Petriccione Carmine Coronado, CA 2017
198 Stankee Christian Thousand Oaks, CA 2017
199 Peart* Neil St. Catharines, ON 2017
200 Mosbach Michael Honolulu, HI 2017
201 Ross David Marina del Rey, CA 2017
202 Fisher Seth Agoura Hills, CA 2018
203 Pertsulaskes Richard Santa Barbara, CA 2018
204 Bowin Randy Oxnard, CA 2018
205 DuVall Amelia Oak View, CA 2018
206 Isom McClain Camarillo, CA 2018
207 Heal Joseph New Jersey, CA 2018
208 Burr Beverly Santa Barbara, CA 2018
209 Sanford Richard Santa Barbara, CA 2018
210 Corey David Ventura, CA 2018
211 Stratton Lisa Santa Barbara, CA 2018
212 Pisor Richard Ventura, CA 2018
213 Bryne Stephen Ventura, CA 2018
214 Hoffman Grace Oxnard, CA 2018
215 Jacobs Todd Santa Barbara, CA 2019
216 Hoyer William Santa Barbara, CA 2019
217 Broder Ashley Santa Barbara, CA 2019
218 Howard Matthew Ventura, CA 2019
219 Callahan Nancy Santa Barbara, CA 2019
220 Heyning Laverty Corinne Santa Barbara, CA 2019
221 Gill Kristina Santa Barbara, CA 2019
222 Grant Doug Carpinteria, CA 2019
223 Bradford Katherine Santa Barbara, CA 2019
224 O'Brien Ashley Santa Barbara, CA 2019
225 White Kris Mainland Santa Barbara, CA 2020
226 Ingelman Eric Manhattan Beach, CA 2020
227 Ingelman Rhonda Manhattan Beach, CA 2020
228 Opsal John El Cajon, CA 2020
229 Healey Shaina Santa Barbara, CA 2020
230 Hazle Robert Ventura, CA 2020
231 Rentz David Queensland, AU 2020
232 Vail Tim Santa Barbara, CA 2020
233 Byers Jack Santa Barbara, CA 2020
234 Maya George Felton, CA 2020
235 Finger Troy San Luis Obispo, CA 2021
236 Campbell Tom Prescott Valley, AZ 2021
237 Fletcher Nathaniel Santa Cruz, CA 2021
238 Gusick Amy Lake Balboa, CA 2021
239 Case Kevin Camarillo, CA 2021
240 Hatfield Brian Pismo Beach, CA 2021
241 Anderson Shane Kailua Kona, HI 2021
242 Papa Tony Santa Barbara, CA 2021
243 Bullard Kent Ventura, CA 2021
244 Maki Mary Thousand Oaks, CA 2021
245 Maki Mike Thousand Oaks, CA 2021
246 Ugoretz John Goleta, CA 2022
Honorary Buccowich Duane Santa Ana, CA 2022
247 Anderson Laura Soquel, CA 2022
248 Guilliams C. Matt Santa Barbara 2022
249 Talanian Bill Santa Barbara 2022

* deceased


In the News~

February 25, 2013 [Noozhawk]: “Joining the Channel Islands All 8 Club No Easy Feat. There isn’t a secret handshake. Instead, there’s a red and blue burgee with eight white stars plus a certificate granting membership into what the Santa Cruz Island Foundation calls “the most exclusive recognized geographic club in the world, with membership in the low 100s.” The All 8 Club includes all who can document walking on all eight Channel Islands. You might think this isn’t difficult. But three of the islands take some planning and fortitude. You can reach San Miguel Island on the Channel Islands Park concessionaire boats. But its distance from shore, open ocean conditions and water landing can make the visit gnarly. The San Clemente and San Nicolas islands are Navy-owned, so getting permission to visit is even more challenging. I visited San Clemente in the fall of 2011, pulling tons of ice plant with 18 other volunteers on a Channel Islands Restoration (CIR) work trip. The adventure was well worth my sore back and hands, and increased my determination to “bag” my eighth island. That chance didn’t come for more than a year, when the Navy hired CIR to restore heavily eroded slopes at Thousand Springs. Of the nearly dozen workers on the December 2012 trip, five of us were completing our all-island tour. Molly Hanna caught the island bug from her friend Marla Daily, Channel Islands author and research historian. George Burtness was “all-6” for decades until a recent burst of activity. Two were cofounders of Channel Islands Outfitters: Fraser Kersey and Garrett Kababik. Once arriving by Navy plane, our charge was to repair a slope deeply eroded by a dirt road cut down to the water. The previous spring, CIR had gathered native seed from the immediate area and raised plants in a small on-island nursery. We transplanted four species into the gullies: coastal goldenbush (Isocoma menzii menzii), southern island silver lotus (Lotus argophylus argenteus), alkali grass (Distichilus spicata) and California saltbush (Atriplex californica). We worked in blustery wet weather much of the time. The benefit was that each day we could examine whether the plants held through the rain. We made a few adjustments, but mostly the baby plants held their ground. Late on the last afternoon, having provided a new home to more than 500 plants and repaired deteriorating nursery screens, we were rewarded with an island tour courtesy of Grace Smith, the Navy’s San Nicolas Island biologist since the 1980s. We traversed the 22-acre island in a couple of vans. Our first stop was Sand Spit, where an enormous male elephant seal guarded a harem of around 15 females, many with pups less than a week old. We watched from the wide concrete pier of a nearby barge landing. We passed the island’s utilities: a small reverse osmosis water plant with flat, pool-like membranes, and an area for offloading JP fuel. A couple of curves later, we were climbing to 907-foot Jackson Hill — the highest point on the island. The wind and cold seemed Arctic, but the view down the stark, steep cliffs to the south shore was tremendous. Our last stops, at the northwest shore’s Rock Crusher, Redeye Beach and Blue Whale Beach, each offered their own rugged beauty and history. The Lone Woman’s purported cave was off-limits, but we were thrilled just to be close by. Dr. Smith’s enthusiasm in describing the wonderments of her longtime home would have made even the most jaded island hopper thirst for more. But what more is there? I’m All-8 No. 132. [Karen Lawton]

February 25, 2016 [The Independent]: “The All 8 Club. Fewer Visitors to All Channel Islands than Climbers of World’s Tallest PeaksThey’re scientists and teachers, boaters and pilots, curious wanderers and hard-core adventurers. They’re Santa Barbara families, couples from the Midwest, and lone wolves on a mission. They’re all members of the elite All 8 Club, a group of 176 people who have set foot on every one of California’s Channel Islands ​— ​“set foot” being the operative term; underwater scuba touches don’t count. Created in 1994 by Marla Daily ​— ​President of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation and the reigning queen mother of all things Channel Islands ​— ​the club may be the most exclusive geographic company in the world. By contrast, there are more than 800 members of the 7 Summits Club, who have climbed the continents’ tallest peaks.

Daily was first on the list and accepted 11 new inductees last year. She said it takes an average of 10 years to reach all the islands. Photographic proof is required. It’s not easy becoming an All 8-er, Daily explained ​— ​San Clemente and San Nicolas Island are controlled by the U.S. Navy, which doesn’t take kindly to unannounced visitors, though occasionally allows access to researchers and restoration volunteers. Steve Junak ​— ​number six on the list ​— ​worked at the Botanic Garden for 30 years and journeyed many times to the islands to study their unique and too-often endangered plants. The navy has always been accommodating, he said. The ocean, not so much. “I get really seasick,” he said. “I see boats as a necessary evil to get to these amazing places.” Junak counts himself lucky to have watched a number of threatened species bounce back over the course of his career. “It’s rewarding to see that improvement,” he said. And the annual All 8 barbecues are a great way to meet “really neat people.” Last week, he headed to Santa Cruz Island to confirm reports of monkeyflower growing there. Presumed extinct, the last sighting was in 1932.

If you’re not a scientist, creative solutions may be required to check San Clemente and San Nicolas off the list. Llew Goodfield is a fifth-generation Santa Barbaran whose great-grandfather owned a fleet of schooners that hunted otters and seals in the channel. A lifelong boater himself, he thought it’d be fun to bag all eight. “I like anything to do with those islands,” said Goodfield. After the easy six, he joined Daily on a helicopter trip to San Nicolas. “I really kinda cheated flying out there,” he laughed. He made San Clemente a little more interesting. Goodfield sailed out to the west end of the island, loaded his family onto a dingy, and puttered to a craggy outcrop, where they took a quick picture. “And that was that,” he said. His wife, Marilyn Goodfield, is also in the club.”