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San Nicolas Island midden

Archaeologists, anthropologists and early pot hunters who worked on the Channel Islands in the 19th and early 20th centuries collecting archaeological materials include:

ALLIOT, Hector (1862-1919) (pic)

BARNARD, A. W. (d. 1882) (pic) and his son, Cyrus BARNARD (d. 1896)

BERGER, Clemens Rainer Anton (1930-2003)

BOWERS, Stephen DeMoss (1832-1906) (pic)

BOWERS, DeMoss (c. 1863-1917) (pic)

BRYAN, Bruce (1906-2004) (pic)

CESSAC, Leon de (1842-1891) (pic)

COLCORD, Ralph Mudge (1888-1955) (pic)

DALL, William Healey (1845-1927) (pic)

DORAN, Edmond Leonard (1864-1915) (pic)

DREYFUS, Louis G. (1889-1973) (pic)

EDWARDS, Howard Arden (1884-1953) (pic)

FINLEY, Richard S. ( - )

FREER, Selwyn C. (1857-1905)

GLASSOW, Michael (b. 1940) (pic)

GLIDDEN, Ralph Arthur (1881-1968) (pic)

GREENWOOD, Roberta (19-2018) (pic)

HARRINGTON, John Peabody (1884-1961) (pic)

HEYE, George Gustav (1874-1957) (pic)

HUDSON, Dee Travis (1941-1985) (pic)

HUTCHINS, Alfred ( )

JOHNSON, John (b. 1949) (pic)

JONES, Philip Mills (1870-1916) (pic)

KING, Chester (b. ) (pic)

KROEBER, Alfred Louis (1876-1960) (pic)

McKUSICK, Marshall B. (1930-2013) (pic)

MEIGHAN, Clement W. (1925-1997) (pic)

OLSON, Ronald Leroy (1895-1979) (pic)

ORR, Phil Cummings (1903-1991) (pic)

OUTHWAITE, Leonard (1892-1979)

PALMER, Francis “Frank” M. (1849-1923)

REID, Hugo (1811-1853)


ROGERS, David Banks (1868-1954) (pic)

ROGERS, Malcolm Jennings (1890-1960) (pic) (field notes)

ROZAIRE, Charles (b. 1927) (pic)

RUST, Horatio Nelson (1828-1906) (pic)

SANGER, Arthur Randal (1880-1971) (pic)

SCHUMACHER, Paul (1844-1883) (pic)

TAYLOR, Alexander S. (1817-1876)

WOODWARD, Arthur (1898-1986) (pic)

VAN VALKENBURGH, Richard F. (1905-1957) (pic)

VON BLON, John (1870-1957) (pic)

INDIAN RELIC HUNTING by amateur enthusiasts was a popular past time on the California Channel Islands in the late 19th and early 20 centuries. July 15, 1931, The Islander, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island published names of well known relic hunters with private collections: Charles F. Holder, Mrs. Blanche Trask, Alfred Augustus Carraher, E. L. Doran, Captain A. B. Chappell, Captain A. R. Sanger, and Ralph Glidden.

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p. 137 Museum in Rome has collection of Bowers items sold to Enrico Gigioli in 1912.

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In the News~

November 30, 1883 [SBDP]: “C. W. Clark has on exhibition at his museum at the Morris House…”

Chittenden [Indian Relic Hunting 1881]