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:: [[Morgan Oyster Company]]
:: [[Morgan Oyster Company]]
:: [[San Pedro Canning Company]]
:: [[San Pedro Canning Company]]
:: [[South Coast Canning Company]]
:: [[Sun Lung and Company]]
:: [[Sun Lung and Company]]
:: [[West Coast Fishing Company]]
:: [[West Coast Fishing Company]]

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Banning Shipbuilding Company
Catalina Express (pic)
Catalina Freight Line
Catalina Speed Boat Company
Channel Islands Sportfishing Center, CISCO'S
Goodall, Nelson & Perkins
Island Packers (1968-Current) (pic)
Meteor Boat Company
Pacific Coast Steamship Company (1877-1916)
Pacific Mail Steamship Company (1848-1925) (pic)
Pacific Steamship Company (1916-1936)
Wilmington Transportation Company
Asahi Fishing Company
California Fish Company
Castagnola Brothers (pic)
Catalina Conserving Company
Farallone Fisheries (pic)
Halfhill Tuna Canning Company
Larco Fish Company
McGimpsey Fish Company
Morgan Oyster Company
San Pedro Canning Company
South Coast Canning Company
Sun Lung and Company
West Coast Fishing Company
Western Fish Company
Yamada Commercial Company
You Kee
Amphibian Air Transport (pic)
Aspen Helicopters (pic)
Avalon Air Transport (1953-1963; name change to 1968) (pic)
California Amphibious Transport
Catalina Airlines (1963-1968)
Catalina Airlines, Inc. (1973-1981)
Catalina Channel Airlines (1959-1966)
Channel Islands Aviation (1975-current) (pic)
Chaplin Airlines, Santa Catalina Island (1919-1920) (pic)
Golden West Airlines (1968-1973)
Island Express Helicopters
Mercer Airlines (c. 1950-1979)
Murray Aviation
Pacific Marine Airways (1922-1928) (pic)
Trans Catalina Airlines (1978-1981)
Western Air Express (1925-1931)
Wilmington-Catalina Airlines, Ltd. (pic)
Banning Company
Banning Wool Company
Barron, Forbes and Company
Channel Islands Adventures (pic) (pic)
Guadalupe Island Company (pic) (pic)
Horizons West Adventures (1993-1997) (pic)
Island Adventures (1984-1997) (pic)
Justinian Caire Company (pic)
National Trading Company “Natco”
Pacific Wool (Growing) Company
San Clemente Sheep Company
San Clemente Wool Company (pic)
San Miguel Island Company
Santa Catalina Island Company
Santa Catalina Island Conservancy
Santa Cruz Island Company
Vail & Vickers (pic)
Avalon Avalanche 1893
Avalon Crusoe 1893
Catalina Daily Mirror 1908-1908
Jewfish 1889
The Islander 1914-Current
Wireless Newspaper, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island
Telephone Service: San Miguel Island
Telephone Service: Santa Catalina Island
Telephone Service: Santa Cruz Island